Apr 27, 2010


Thx to the freaking weather,
I am officially sick.
God damn !
I hate being sick,
especially not at my own home.

I did a calculation recently,
I walk at least 5 hours every week.
5 hours lehhh,
Wonder did i become slimmer bor?
Or, Fitter?

Let me know pls.
Or I become endao-er de?
Ip man 2 out this thursday,
Cant wait !

Apr 17, 2010


70% off.
Darn you temptation !
I wanna go, =(

I love you horsie.
But I guess we are not meant for each other.
Damn my financial statement.
Haih !


I moved to a new place this year.
Will upload some pic soon.
Meanwhile, life is just same for me.
Doing nth most of the time.
Still working my way to have a productive life.
At least I am doing great on my personal financial statement.
I am starting to increase my gross profit.
Played a game.
Its call Borderlands.
Highly Recommended.
Can LAN with up to 4 people.
Nice co-op game if bored with L4D2.

Anywho, thats all I guess.
Going go-kart this weekend.
And tomorrow Ralph Laurent aka horsie is having 70% sale.
Should I go? (smack in the face)
Live life to the fullest.
I miss everyone.
Including you la vvc.

Apr 13, 2010

Reigniting My Life.

I miss the past.

I miss my bro's.

I miss Family.

I miss my Kenari.

I miss CLHS.

I miss a lot of stuff.
But it is time to move forward lahh.

Earn Big Bucks.

Get a Tag.

Drive nice car.

In maybe 4 years time.
I will achieve the above.
Reigniting my life.