May 31, 2010

Let the "Beats" rock !

Kind of a all in one post.
Internet has been very slow for the past few weeks,
Thats why I dint update anything.
First of all,
I finally got these awesome earphones !
Worth it in my point of view.
The sound coming out from the ear tip is just amazing.
Highly recommended for music lovers but with a small budget.
People with higher budget can check out the webpage,
The much more expansive ones are the Studio or Pro.
My housemate got a Studio,
And it is awesome x 10
Super strong bass.
Suitable for hip hop or RnB lovers !

Next adalah my housemate punya birthday,
He very low profile,
Dont want to let people know,
Weird !
So just the 3 of us celebrate with him.
Went to Maze Grill by Gordon Ramsey !
Nice restaurant overall !

Last but not least,
We went go-cart.
It was fun overall,
But kena bully by ang mos.
Piss me off all the way !

Totally different from real driving.
At first I was a wuss,
I brake at every corner,
But then when the ang mos start pissing me off,
I jus step on the move pedal all the way !
Overall a fun experience,
But all of us had severe back and arm pain after the race !
Thats all for now !
Exam is nearing,

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