May 1, 2010

What this world need

Watched Ip man on thursday,
Nice movie overall.
After watching it,
I felt that this world needs more people like Ip man.
Patient, cool, rational and his will to forgive people.
How he handle the angmo's when they were acting like monkeys.
Making fun of chinese.
I was kinda piss when the scene where the fcuking angmo was crapping,
Even though it was just a movie.
That is what I think I need to learn from this movie.
Be cool.

I felt the current I was more like his apprentice.
Hot headed, always looking for trouble and dont fcuk with me cuz i will fcuk you back attitude.
I was in a lot of situation during the last few years for being hot headed.
I dont like people messing with my gf, my bro's, my friend, my family and of course, my race.
I became very emotional when I understand politics,
When I came alone to Australia.
Which make me understand there is something call racist.
I dont know why but i felt that people everywhere kinda hate chinese.
And the funny point is,
Chinese rarely got each other back.
We are, how do you put it, "pussy".
Minding our own business is the best.
Makes me feel why people like to pick on us.
Not because of our body size or anything.
Just because we rarely look out for each other.

Stop the yapping. XD
Overall nice movie.
I love it.

Bought 2 books to read.
I felt that I am starting to online too much.
Wasting my youth.
Another life style to change towards my goal of having a productive life.
I use to love reading,
But dono why, I lost that interest when I got my own laptop.
Also, I am into investing recently,
Cuz I wanna be rich in a smart way.
Who doesnt ?
"The lack of money is the root of all evil"
Nice quote I learn today.

Just an off topic crap.
I got a cute dad.

Thats why I am also so cute.

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